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Probate Key Players

(PR)- A personal representative is the executor or administrator for the estate of a deceased person and serves as a fiduciary of the estate's beneficiaries.


Heir(s) and Beneficiaries- Heirs refers to people who have the right to inherit when someone dies without leaving a will called “intestate”. Beneficiaries are the people who inherit according to a will. The difference is an heir is a descendent or close relative who is in line to an inheritance if you don't properly set up your Estate Plans. By contrast, a beneficiary is somebody who you name, through a formal legal document, to be the recipient of your assets or property after you pass away.


Clerks are responsible for receiving filings, evaluating them, approving them and organizing them into the file.


• Judicial Assistant (JA) – Every circuit court judge has a judicial assistant to assist with reviewing cases, documents, and pleadings. JA is another set of eyes on the documents and a member of the estate party.


• Judge – The judge must review your file and pleadings and rule on each one.


• Attorneys – Attorneys are an essential probate party. They prepare filings, notices, correspond with Heirs and beneficiaries, creditors and attend court proceedings. The attorney will be aware of the deceased’s information and the latest status of the administration.


• Paralegals (PL)– Will assist with case planning, development and management, gathers facts and retrieves information, drafts and analyzes legal documents and make recommendations to an attorney.


• Pro-Per – A petitioner in Pro Per is a person who appears before a court without an Attorney and take the responsibility of an attorney and Personal Representative duties. It is one way to control save attorney fees.


• Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist- Without knowing the changing laws and codes, it can be difficult. Probate Realtors are knowledgeable with the probate process and terminology, we help families organize and handle all the court proceedings to make sure there are no delays. Also advise you with the sale of the estate and liquidation of personal property, take on other duties such as maintaining the property, and help with the improvement of the estate.


Others – Realtors, Real Estate Appraisers, Probate Referee, Property Inspectors, Escrow, Title and Insurance companies, financial advisors. Personal Property accessors, Contractors, handypersons, prospective buyers/bidders, and Creditors.

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