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Some documents to prepare

• The last will

• Records of income, bank statements, and expenses

• Lists of assets and liabilities


• Medical bills

• Debts or loan documents of outstanding debt

• Statements and accounts for investments

• Deeds and titles to real estate or personal property


Not having the correct paperwork at the right time can delay the process and take a lot of your valuable time. Using a Probate Realtor will ensure you have the proper documents and file them on time. Do not hesitate to contact me anytime for a free 30-minute consultation. When dealing with a family estate, trust the advice of a professional Probate Realtor. Therefore as your Realtor, it is my job to make sure you are well cared for and informed every step of the home selling process and liquidation of personal property. Let me help relieve some stress and frustration, settling the estate does not have to be difficult when you hire a knowledgeable probate specialist like myself.


A probate attorney will help you determine:


• The validity of the deceased Will


• Identify the property


• Distribute necessary personal property


• Sell any real estate in court proceedings.

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